In the recommended maple category, we have the following to pick from: bigtooth, Caddo, trident, shantung, paperbark, Mexican mountain and Japanese. Upright, medium growth, broad crown, sun to partial shade. It’s not uncommon for them to delay turning until late November and even December. But what sets our Japanese Maple apart from the rest? Bloodgood, the old standby, an upright, wine colored variety and its predecessor Emperor 1, a maple that holds its color … Bloodgood. Some of our favorite Japanese maple cultivars and varieties include ‘Bloodgood’, which has a round shape and a height and width of about 20-ft. The foliage is a dark burgundy color that persists for most of the summer depending on sun exposure. It is in an irrigated location however the larger plants around it may have blocked the water to it. East Texas Gardening: Japanese Maples For Glorious Fall Color; Keith Hansen University of California Cooperative Extension: Japanese Maple Trees; Pam Wallace; 2004 North Dakota State University Extension: Questions on Maple; Ron Smith University of Florida IFAS Extension: Bloodgood Japanese Maple; Edward F. Gilman Vertrees & Peter Gregory Published in 1978, Japanese Maples is the most comprehensive collection of information regarding the many varieties of Japanese Maples out there. A fresh, richly-hued focal point of any landscape, the Bloodgood Japanese Maple Tree is known for standing out with amazing color. Fannin Japanese Red Maple Trees are not the same as other trees found at other Dallas area tree farms and are grown at our Japanese Red Maple Tree Farm. Landscape designers love to use its vibrant silhouette because it pops well against grass, flower beds and more. Japanese Maple Handbook Japanese Maples: The Complete Guide to Selection and Cultivation by J.D. Bloodgood Japanese Maples have leaves that are a deep red and bold color well into late summer. Metro Maples, 4890 Dick Price Road, Fort Worth, TX, 76140, United States 817-797-3419 817-797-3419 Question: I have a 10 foot 4 year old Bloodgood Japanese maple that dried up this summer but new shoots are coming out the bottom. Chambersville Tree Farms, Inc. was established in 2004 to supply North Central Texas with quality trees and shrubs, at competitive prices. Get Directions (972) 747-9233 Brilliant Scarlet Red Unique to this Bloodgood Why Bloodgood Japanese Maples? back to top Height: 15 to 20 feet • Spread: 6 to 8 feet. There are over 150,000 copies in print, and it has been printed in three editions. Buy Japanese Maples for Texas. Bigtooth maple is the true Texas native. The Japanese maples below are our suggested Japanese maples for local southern states like Texas that you can purchase from our website. Coral Bark Maple. The growing operation is open to the public along with delivery and planting services. Crape myrtles: reds, oranges and yellows abound, although aphids and other insects may affect the plants’ foliage enough that they bypass the fall show. These plants are spectacular in autumn. Japanese maples: reds, oranges and yellows predominate. These may not be all the Japanese maples for Texas for sale on and are not all the Japanese maples available for purchase at our nursery that will perform well in Texas. There are several wonderful, easy to find Japanese maples worth trying out here in Texas that tend to be the most heat tolerant.